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Jay Her


Learn something about yourself with these three videos!

  1. See how you respond to a classical relaxation exercise.
  2. A little thought about paradigm shifts.
  3. A few more exercises that you can try with your friends.

Coming up soon are videos on:

  • Who can be hypnotized?
  • How does a hypnosis session feel like?
  • Myths about Hypnosis.

See Hypnosis In Action!

Hypnosis in Action is 90 minutes where someone volunteers to get Hypnotize and go through a Transformation Process right in front of your eyes.

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Jay Her, Hypnotist

What was the inspiration to start this practice?
I want to see people live to their full potential. I want to see people get out of the situations that has arisen in their lives. I want to see people smiling, laughing, and being proud of themselves. I want to see people happy and full of life.
What do I love most about what I do?
It absolutely warms my heart when someone comes back after 1, 6, or 12 plus months and said they’ve continued to be on the path we’ve worked on during our sessions. There is nothing better in life than to know that we have made a dynamic difference in another person’s life.
What is the best reaction I’ve ever gotten from a customer?
When people call me back after a few months of no contact, and they say, “I didn’t mean to not call and tell you, I just didn’t want to jinx anything, because it hasn’t happened since our last session.”

Since 2004, I have worked with habit management, goal setting, sport enhancement, entertainers, stop smoking, weight management, fears, study skills, personal and professional development, adults, teens, and spiritual life journeys.

Start your journey in exploring the inner depths of your soul and life purpose through the tool we know as Hypnosis. Book your Hypnosis Sessions with our Hypnotist. Evolving with each session, we facilitate a process to delve into your mind and soul to open doors, remove obstacles, and move closer towards your full potential.


Hypnosis Motivation Institute

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis for Childbirth
  • Visual Imagery
  • Pain and Perception

California Institute of the Healing Arts

  • Behavioral Studies
  • Wisdom Center Technologies
  • Hypnotherapy

Private Consultation

30 Minutes with Jay Her
  • You can take advantage of this time to discuss the following:

  • Can I be hypnotized?
  • How does hypnosis feel like for me?
  • What if I can’t be hypnotized?
  • What commitments do I need to make to get what I want?
  • Can hypnosis really do what I want it to do?
  • What specific subjects can we work on and what can’t we?
  • anything else that you can think of…

Single Session

60-90 minutes
  • No commitments.
  • Single session for Relaxation, Entertainment, or Self-Development.
  • Best for individuals who are looking for maintenance sessions once in a while.
  • Gauge how your mind, body, & spirit responds to Hypnosis.

  • Get 10% OFF Events, Courses, & additional Single Sessions for 6 months from date of purchase.

6 Sessions Package

30% Off ($80/Session)
  • Ideal for individuals looking for big shifts in their lives that will take some time to see it come to fruition.
  • We will walk through uncovering and removing each block and obstacles in your way.
  • We will shift more emotional and spiritual strength into your grips so self-empowerment comes easier.
  • We will find and pave a path for your life that is easiest to follow and in accordance to your life’s purpose.

  • 6 individual sessions with a savings of $240.
  • Sessions can be used up to 12 months after purchase date.
  • Get 30% OFF Events, Courses, & additional Single Sessions for 6 months from date of purchase.
What if I can't put into words what I want to work on?

Even when we can’t put into words how we want to move forward, we believe that the answer is already within us. There is a knowledge of how to move forward already growing in our subconscious; we just need to nurture that growth.

Sometimes that growth happens with emotional and spiritual coaching that we do together. Other times that involves actual physical actions that are needed. Those actions and growth can be as small as being aware of how you breathe, to as big as moving across the world, to whatever else your subconscious allows to surface.

That answer is there. Sometimes that answer is a complete layout of what we need to do to reach the goal. Sometimes that answer is a “Fork in the Road” option; allowing us the opportunity to test different paths and options to see which on is the best one for us. The process can be as quick or as long as it needs and we will find out how to most comfortably take this path.

How much will I remember?

It’s actually a common myth that we lose consciousness when Hypnotized. In fact, most everyone slips into a heightened state of awareness. Our senses becomes stronger, our emotions become more vivid, our thoughts become easier to mold, etc… We never lose consciousness.

One thing that sometimes happen, which is probably the culprit behind the myth that we lose consciousness is this: We work through a lot of stuff while in Hypnosis and it may take us some time to fully process and recall all of them. Just like when we have a busy day, we may not remember everything that happens right away. We’ll have to let our mind digest it, process it, and then gently recall all that has happened on that day. The same can be true with a session of Hypnosis.

Is this counseling?
No. We don’t do counseling. We coach ourselves through life choices and obstacles that are in our way towards our full potential. Any diagnosis and treatment of mental and medical disorders will be referred to an licensed counselor and/or doctor.

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