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Room Rates & Membership Info

Membership package and prices can change without notice.

Below is how membership works within FABLE Center. Your office use and costs can change from month to month as your office requirements changes. Feel free to fill out the contact form below with a little information about yourself, how we can best contact you, and what goals you have for your private practice. We look forward to seeing Your Private Practice grow!

Hourly Membership: $50/month


2 Hours – $50/month

8 Hours – $140/month

16 Hours – $235/month

24 Hours – $330/month

32 Hours – $425/month


  • Use of Address for Professional Mailing and Promotions
  • Online Booking Calendar (Syncs to most calendars)
  • Discount on FABLE Center’s Professional Services
  • Showcase Your Professional Profile on “Our Members” page.
  • Free attendance to Member’s Only Events
  • Available to other Member’s Only Benefits…

Additional Facilities Use – $25* per hour
Printing Services – $0.15 per page (double sided)

* $25 is based on Tier 1 hours. See FAQ for more info.

UPGRADES: Personalized Memberships

As your practice grows you might want to consider personalized membership packages. Such as:

  • Half Days per Week starting at $225/month (for AM; 6am – 2pm) $275/month (for PM; 3pm – 11pm)
  • Full Days per Week starting at $400/month (Save $50 for each additional office days)
  • Full Private Office per Month as low as $950/month (with a 12 month lease agreement)

These will allow you more control and professionalism when booking times with clients. This will allow for easier time to:

  • set up regular office hours for Your Clients
  • don’t have to carry your client files from place to place
  • develop a greater professional service and appearance
  • more ease of mind when scheduling times with your clients
  • higher discounts per office hours & other professional services
  • receive Event Promotion and Community Outreach Support

Extra amenities includes:

  • Printing and Copying documents
  • Virtual Assistance for booking appointments, sick day cancellations, etc…
  • Basic Website Management

Give us a call at (907) 720-9909 to see how we can help you personalize a package for your professional needs.


More Membership Benefits


  • run your own private practice
  • only pay for what you use
  • No lease to carry
  • No worries about overhead costs
  • Located on the top floor of the Fourth Avenue Marketplace;
  • You are close to many other businesses and still have a therapeutic atmosphere for your clients.


  • Reserve Facilities for Private Sessions and Workshops
  • Discounts on FABLE Center’s Professional Services
  • Free attendance to Member’s Only Events
  • Available to other Member’s Only Benefits…


  • FABLE Center strives to be a therapeutic environment with comfortable seating for your clients to relax and connect with you
  • You get the opportunity to run your practice as you want without having the worries of furnishing it and maintaining a lease.
  • Furniture and decors have been carefully selected to be comfortable and professional for your clients.
  • We have considered accessibility and comfort for wheel chair access, hard and soft surface chairs, and other accommodations as possible.
  • A receptionist will always be there to greet you and your clients for your appointments.
  • FABLE Center will have water for You and Your Guests/Clients.
  • Reasonable accommodations such as chairs can be provided for clients who cannot sit on regular seats, with advance notice.
  • There is an elevator for ease of access to clients. After hour appointments can be scheduled so you can best accommodate your clients.
Discounts on Professional Services

As a Member of FABLE Center you can receive discounts off of Professional Services that are provided directly from FABLE Center.

You can also choose to participate in the Member to Member discounts connecting Your professional services with other Members.

Member's Only Events

As a Member of FABLE Center you can receive Discounts to Professional Development Events hosted through FABLE Center. These events are meant to give you an edge in the professional arena.

  • They contain information that can show you how to be more efficient in specific areas of your life.
  • They provide a platform for you to get professional feedback from your peers.
  • We will review options that you can add to your business operations.
  • etc…

Some Past Events:

  • Developing a Professional Website, with little to no web-coding knowledge ($45 Value)
  • Facebook Advertising Secrets ($25 Value)
  • Professional Practice Groups (EXCLUSIVE; by Member’s Invite Only)

Some Events are never advertised to the public and attendance are only allowed through invitation directly from FABLE Center or an active Member.


What are the basic rules for reserving rooms?

Members can reserve private rooms and conference rooms (“Facilities”) as follows;

Use of any Facilities will be subject to:

  1. Availability of the Facilities;
  2. Payment of all fees and charges incurred in reserving and/or using the Facilities; and
  3. Compliance with the terms and conditions and/or house rules from time to time applicable to the Facilities.

Member must reserve Facilities in advance in accordance to:

  1. No less than fifteen (15) minutes increments during Tier 1 Business Hours,
  2. No less than sixty (60) minutes then increments of every fifteen (15) minutes during Tier 2 and Tier 3 Business Hours,
  3. No less than one hundred twenty (120) minutes then increments of every fifteen (15) minutes during Tier 4 Business Hours.
What are Tier 1, 2, 3, & 4 Hours?

Tier 1 hours: Between the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday excluding Federal and State Holidays.

Tier 2 hours: Between the hours of 6:00am to 9:00am Monday through Friday, 9:00pm to 11:59pm Monday through Friday, and 9:00am to 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday; excluding Federal and State Holidays. Tier 2 hours are valued at One Hundred Fifty Percent (150%) of Tier 1 hours.

Tier 3 hours: Between the hours of 9:00pm to 9:00am Saturday and Sunday and 12:00am to 6:00am Monday through Friday; excluding Federal and State Holidays. Tier 3 hours are valued at One Hundred Seventy-Five Percent (175%) of Tier 1 hours.

Tier 4 hours: Between the hours of 12:00am to 11:59am on Federal and State Holidays. Tier 4 hours are valued at Two Hundred Twenty Percent (200%) of Tier 1 hour.

How do I cancel My Membership?

You can cancel your membership with at least a 5 day written notice before the end of the current billing cycle.

How often are the rooms cleaned?

We do spot cleanings in between each session. Plus, at least once a month we do a deep cleaning and shampooing on all of the furniture.


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