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Can we talk about your aspirations?

FABLE Center is a shared space For A Better Life Experience.

Whether you are looking to empower yourself or someone else, we would like to provide you with the space to do that. FABLE Center began because of the difficulty in building a private practice from the ground up. You’ve spent all this time and effort in developing your personal and professional self and we want to see you succeed.

For You and Your Guests

FABLE Center strives to be a healing environment with comfortable seating for relaxation and connection. You get the opportunity to HEAL and GROW as you want without having the worries of furnishing and maintaining a healing space. Furniture and decors have been carefully selected to be comfortable, healing, and professional. We have considered accessibility and comfort for wheel chair access, hard and soft surface chairs, and other accommodations as possible.

Someone will always be there to greet you and your guests. Reasonable accommodations can be provided for guests, with advance notice. There is an elevator for ease of access. Night and Weekend hours can be scheduled too.


You should be able to:
    • Enjoy your time in a healing space and not worry about big expenses.
    • Be rest assured in having a healing space when needed.
    • Have support in exploring creative ways to heal and grow.

We are right in midtown across from Home Depot and next to the old Opulence Day Spa. We can be accessed going East bound on Tudor Road. Make an immediate right turn after the stop light at Denali St and Tudor Rd.

We understand a healing environment and confidential office setting is very important. We have taken into consideration:

    • Dimming lights.
    • Bluetooth Music/Sound Player.
    • Comfortably seat 7 guests in room; with multimedia hook-up.
    • Rooms and Seats are spot cleaned in between sessions and deep cleaned once a month.
    • White noise to keep private conversations confidential.

Let's Grow Together

FABLE Center looks forward to seeing You grow Personally and Professionally!

Schedule a visit with FABLE Center and let’s see how we can help you get there.

How did FABLE Center start?

FABLE Center came about after a tiring search for a small life coaching private practice. Every potential office were too expensive, too old, too dirty, too many restrictions, too small, and the list continues. The plan began for a center for therapists and healers who are looking for a part-time office without all the obligations of a lease and hiring staff.